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Supernaive "Lions & Pigs" Ep

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After the success of their first release "Dazed & Confused" in June 2017, Supernaive returns with a new EP: "Lions & Pigs".

Dark and enigmatic, the four titles of "Lions & Pigs" were composed under the suffocating heat of Paris in summer, drowning in sweat and alcohol. We find ourselves in the middle of a musical universe on steroids, organic, damp and sticky, mirroring more metallic and sharp industrial sounds. The tracks mix brutality and tenderness, depicting as we listen to them, a nocturnal, tortured landscape.

Lucas and Baptiste, blood and sound brothers, invited NAL to sing once again on two of their compositions. Since their meeting in 2015, the singer and the musicians got closer, building together little by little the structure of a deeper project. They sign here a radical and asserted artistic turn, and offer you a particularly singular musical experience.


  • Image of Supernaive "Lions & Pigs" Ep
  • Image of Supernaive "Lions & Pigs" Ep